Trip on a Budget: Newark Shuttle to Philadelphia

Affordable and Quality Newark to Philadelphia Shuttle

There are always many options to travel from Newark shuttle to Philadelphia. Depending on the trip and service chosen, the costs can vary, however, there are certain companies that offer shuttle service with the best quality and most affordable prices in the whole city. These companies are VPW Limousine, yellow Cab, Liberty Bell Shuttle, Smart Park and Capital Dispatch that offer the most affordable and best quality on trips from Newark to Philadelphia shuttle services.

Most Affordable Trip Rates, Miles and Hours

There are many options that would take you by bus from EWR to Philadelphia in the best and most comfortable ways. However, these services can offer different rates and time per trips, that’s why we’ve made a list of the amount of time, miles and prices from different services available. If you want to travel via bus, it would take around 2 hours from Newark to Philadelphia and would cost $60. on the other hand, these trips can be done via taxi cab or private shuttles, where it would take around 1 hour and a half to a maximum of 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on the driver and stops taken and it would have a range of cost between $80 and $130. From Newark Shuttle to Philadelphia there are 88 miles and that would take 1 hour and 40 minutes for a normal shuttle to travel the whole trip.

Reserving a Newark Shuttle to Philadelphia

To book a seat from a shuttle to travel from Newark to Philadelphia, there are many options, however, the easiest and most affordable ways are done via Internet. Using other platforms like Skype, Emails, text messages and even the own company website, these trips can be booked by anyone at any time with just having an Internet connection to connect from. However, the most common way to reserve a seat is made via a telephone call. These offer a faster and more reliable way to reserve a seat in order to have a more comfortable and satisfactory travel.

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Newark to Philadelphia Shuttle Features and Offers

Depending on the way you want to take a trip from Newark to Philadelphia, no matter if it is by bus, shuttle, taxicab, private car or any other way, these services will offer many features and commodities that can’t be found anywhere else. Commodities like free meals, lunch, snacks, dinner, heating services, AC, and very comfortable seats throughout the whole trip, you can be always sure that you’re using a quality service from the best companies in EWR Transport available. Don’t forget to choose the one that better fits with your necessities in order to have a satisfactory and faster trip to your desired location.

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